The first e-bike signed VENT: where the project was born

In 1983, from the passion of a small group of industrialists for two-wheelers, was born the MOTO spa, which established itself on the market as a distributor of Honda’s Cross models and, more recently, as a supplier of know-how for Yamaha.

Over the years the company conquered an increasingly important space in the sector and began to produce its 50cc and 125cc range which has represented, and still represents today, a qualitative reference for the category.

The growth of the market is followed by the success in races: under the HM brand, in fact, 12 world laurels between Enduro and Motocross are put on the board. Since October 2017 the company has taken the name of VENT continuing the activity in the modern factory in Introbio, with the professionalism, experience and passion that have always distinguished it.

The ambition to create something innovative, technological and in tune with the current historical moment, very oriented to electric vehicles, sees the birth of a new important project related to the world of pedal assisted bicycles.

VENT officially enters the world of sustainable mobility with the concept of its first electric bike suitable for both urban and outdoor use, which was premiered last November at EICMA 2019.

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