FRONTIER. The E-Gravel according to VENT

Eclectic and innovative as its range, the House of Introbio launches LDV500 and prepares for an interesting novelty exhibited in Rimini where VENT presents the e-Gravel FRONTIER.

VENT’s R&D Department has worked hard to develop a new “gravel” bike, a segment that is now particularly trendy in Italy. The Gravel FRONTIER is full suspended thanks to the TST shock absorbing system (patented), already trademark of the entire range of e-bikes produced in Valsassina. e-Gravel FRONTIER uses in the new FSA System HM 1.0 engine, positioned in the 250w rear hub and integrated battery in the 250 Wh down tube. And it is precisely in the horizontal tube that is located the TST system that, combined with a cushioned fork, ensures an absorption of roughness in off-road use, for a new ride comfort.

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