The eGRAVEL FRONTIER was premiered in September at the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini.

The ambition of VENT, an eclectic and innovative company, is to give a new imprint to a relatively young segment, but already very successful, with the creation of a product that can satisfy all categories of e-bikers.

The concept is based on three fundamental concepts: gravel, electric pedal assisted and full suspended.

Let’s start with this last feature. FRONTIER uses the TST system, housed in the horizontal tube, by now a patented and distinctive technical solution of VENT, which combined with a cushioned fork ensures an absorption of roughness in off-road use, expanding the possibilities of use in the gravel world.

Electric pedal assisted: thanks to the synergy with FSA, FRONTIER

Electric pedal assisted: thanks to the synergy with FSA, FRONTIER is equipped with the new FSA HM 1.0 system at the rear hub of 250 W with integrated battery in the 250 Wh down tube. The system also includes a “water bottle” range extender as an optional to extend the excursions and is completed by a remote control that integrates into the down tube and manages five assistance settings, from “echo” mode (green) to “boost” mode (red), which provides up to a maximum of 250 W and 42 Nm of torque. In addition, the engine is equipped with an integrated torque sensor and two speed sensors, which can easily adapt to different riding styles and changing furrowed ground conditions.

The design philosophy is to have an eGravel with reduced weight, which allows to adjust the engine according to the situations of need. When the engine is off, FRONTIER is still light and easy to ride.

The eGravel FRONTIER will arrive on the market in Spring 2021.


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