A revolutionary concept for the debut of VENT in the e-bike world

LDV500, like Leonardo Da Vinci, on the 500th anniversary of his death. VENT dedicates to the Italian genius, revolutionary and multifaceted, the first concept that marks the brand’s entry into the e-bike world. A project that sees in the LDV500 the first piece to bring the experience, knowledge and technical heritage of VENT to the world of cycling.

Leonardo Da Vinci writes in his Codex Atlanticus: “In Valsassina, infra Vimognie and Introbbio, on the right hand side, entering via di Lecco, there is the Trosa, a river that falls from a very high stone, and falling it enters under the ground, and there ends the river” (1495).

The wild and wild beauty of the Troggia, which overhangs right next to the VENT headquarters in Introbio, is much more than a simple symbol for the company. Hence the decision to name the first electric bike after Leonardo, who visited and mentioned these places.

LDV500 is a reference not only to the genius and Italian style but also to the roots and experience of VENT, a project that shows off an attractive frame that combines innovative and original technical solutions with careful attention to design.

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